Bans are Just a Tax

It’s really just a tax – a bag ban by any other name…

“Beware a wolf in sheep’s clothing

A ban on plastic shopping bags are just another way to tax: a bag ban will certainly take a huge financial bite out of you. We are talking about millions in bag fees.

It is a giant cash grab that goes to retailers who will make millions at your expense. In PEI this could amount to between $18 to $52 million using the City of Halifax estimates of the number of grocery bags used by Haligonians each year.

Fee or defacto tax?

Clever governments no longer tax you, they just “fee” you to death. With the ban on plastic bags, a 5 cent fee has now QUINTUPLED to 25 cents a bag.

With a bag ban on plastic shopping bags, residents will be forced to pay for bags – paper and reusables.  In PEI, the plan in Year One, is to charge 15 cents for each paper bag and in Year Two, 25 cents for each paper bag.

They call it a fee, but really it is a de facto tax on your use of a product that you need in your daily life to carry groceries and to manage your household waste. The only difference is that the money is kept by retailers to fatten their bottom-line.

On top of that, you will now have to buy plastic kitchen catchers at 10 to 25 cents a bag to deal with your garbage as well as reusable bags and paper bags from retailers.

Bags are the highest profit item in retail stores so they will be raking in millions from fees on bags, the sale kitchen catcher garbage bags and reusable and paper bags. No wonder retailers have been actively advocating and promoting bag bans!

Who Benefits? Not the environment.

The sad part is that the ban on plastic bags will hurt the environment. Replacement paper bags will generate even more carbon into the atmosphere.

Scientific study after scientific study proves that paper bags are bad for the environment. They have a giant carbon footprint … 7 times larger than plastic because they are so much more material intensive and use a lot of water and energy to manufacture and transport.

This means they emit 7 times more carbon into the atmosphere which only helps to accelerate the warming and acidification of our oceans severely damaging the biosphere of marine animals and plant life! [1] This is not good news for Atlantic Region fisheries and human health.

[1] The average plastic bag weighs 8 grams versus the average paper grocery bag which weighs 55 grams.