Plastic Lumber

Plastic Bags Recycled Into Plastic Lumber in Nova Scotia

Plastic bags are not single-use and are being recycled into plastic lumber locally.

Reusable bags cannot be recycled, but plastic shopping bags can and are being recycled in Atlantic Canada.

In addition to the large bag recycling and manufacturing facility located in New Brunswick, plastic shopping bags are being recycled in Nova Scotia at Goodwood Plastic Products in Fort Ellis, Colchester County. Goodwood employs some 24 people who recycle used plastic shopping bags into plastic lumber and lumber products.

"Colchester County's plastic-lumber maker thrives on recycled grocery bags"

Goodwood Plastics

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Goodwood Plastics takes recyclable used plastic shopping bags and film plastics (e.g. overwrap on paper towels and bread bags) and recycles them into plastic wood which does not deteriorate, requires no maintenance and, unlike wood from trees, does not rot. You can saw it, drill it, nail it, screw it, bolt and glue it.

The company is also working with Dartmouth-based, Lake City, a not-for-profit that provides employment for people living with mental illness. They are working on a facility to build plastic furniture from the Goodwood plastic wood and sell at the location.

Dan Chassie, owner of Goodwood Plastic Products, see politicians as the only threat to his business because politicians do not understand the circular economy. The bag ban by Halifax Regional Municipality clearly is a serious problem for jobs, the environment and investment in new recycling technology to grow the circular economy.

Examples of what plastic bags can be recycled into

 “The plastic bag ban is something that is created by individuals who don’t understand the industry and don’t understand a quality resource that creates jobs,“ Chassie said. Plastic bags are not a problem. The ban is intended to curb the distribution of single-use plastic. If it can be recycled into plastic boards, it’s not single-use, he said.”